RFID reader and antenna systems

Kathrein Solutions passive UHF RFID Hardware includes stationary RFID and mobile RFID reader, RFID antennas with a read range from a few centimeters up to several meter and Security RFID Transponder. With those high end devices logistics, industrial automation, retail and vehicle identification applications can be solved. Find more information from here

Real time location system (RTLS)

Precise monitoring of manufacturing progress in a production environment or a transparent material flow in intralogistics are just two of many possible applications. The real-time data available with RTLS on the location and status of objects form the basis for networking processes in the value chain. Find more information from here

Crosstalk software

CrossTalk Software Suite is the most advanced software for AutoID & IoT device management. One of the key features of CrossTalk, is it’s distributed architecture based on the CrossTalk Agent software component. Find more information from here