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CATALOG Kathrein Solutions IoT Portfolio 2022 - KATHREIN ...... ...... ARU 8500 O KATHREIN RRU 1400 KATHREIN 2 I Kathrein Solutions I Company Portrait Enabling Technologies for Digital Transformation From proof of concept (PoC) through to go-live, Kathrein appropriate features and generate interfaces with all types Solutions supports its partners in implementing turnkey of ERP systems and backends. We and our partners offer projects in the areas of production and logistics, healthcare, RF simulation, application support, software integration and automotive and intelligent transportation systems. With implementation, as well as operation and maintenance. First- seamless integration of all types of identification technology, class service and customer-focused support add the finishing such as RFID and RTLS solutions, barcode readers and touch to our portfolio. Wide Area Network technologies – we combine the most ^ RAIN RFID hardware RAIN RFID software Passive UHF (Ultra High Frequency 860-960 MHz) RFID Kathrein and its partners create solutions for our end (Radio Frequency Identification) and RAIN RFID are customers that are tailored to suit their environment passive identification technologies which allow reading and requirements. This can mean highly complex, from any distance, from a few centimeters to 20 meters, filtered event data with backend integration or a simple depending on the application. From individual readings raw data push solution. up to thousands of transponders, anything is feasible. K-RTLS hardware > K-RTLS software Kathrein Solutions’ innovative UWB RTLS (Ultra Kathrein offers its partners the option to create optimal Wide Band Real Time Locating System) is an active solutions for localization of goods, with existing localization solution. Using triangulation of our nodes, software modules combined to create a tailor-made transponders can be localized with an accuracy of +/- solution for the end customer. 25 cm in an appropriate environment. Professional services > Special solutions Kathrein Solutions’ hardware and software components Our very wide range of services means that we can enjoy an outstanding reputation all over the world. provide comprehensive support to our partners and Together with our partners, we also offer excellent customers. Where requirements are specific, even services that complete our overall portfolio. We offer extreme, only a unique innovation will deliver the a top-quality portfolio of various services and support results that are needed. Kathrein Solutions offers that meets the highest standards, allowing us to assist all-encompassing development of special readers, our partners and customers seamlessly throughout the embedded transponders, high-security transponders, entire lifecycle of their project. windshield labels, headlamp tags, etc.