DUAL B_TW43_01_Product specification

DUAL B TW43 01 Product specification pdf

EB Dual B ab Product specification TW43-01 Torque Wrench for coupling torque of 4.3-10 connectors 22 . O DualB TW43-01 5N m Product number: TW43-01 Specification Preset torque 5 Nm Torque tolerance -0 / +2 % Key features Mechanical specification Material Chromium steel Torque wrench for 4.3-10 con- ROHS Compliant nectors Ensures cor- Dimensions of the wrench rect torque Wrench opening 22 mm force and good Driving end thickness 6 mm connection to counterpart Diameter of the handle 16 mm connector Length 160 mm Weight 170 g Robust struc- ture L=120 Arms of force Will give audi- Ma's body ble click sound and vi- bration to the handle when SIZE (mm) L 5 DE the wrech has DATA 39 34 22 14 10 reached the 5 Nm torque Dimensions of the packing Height and width 45 mm Length 240 mm Weight 240 g 20210326/JB Dual B ab Address: Box 1253 Tel.:+46 8 7670195 e-mail: info@dualb.se 18124 Lidingö, Sweden VAT SE556643865001