BCA Catalogue 2022 Chapter KSA pdf

Broadcast Solutions I Kathrein Signal Analyser I 117 Kathrein Signal Analyser KATHREIN Signal Analyser 118 I Broadcast Solutions I Kathrein Signal Analyser Broadcast Signal Analysis System based on SDR and digital broadband receiver Kathrein is presenting a high-performance solution to I/Q-data comes from a suitable test receiver. Demodulation, analyse the signals of broadcasting networks. The mea- channel decoding and measurement of all relevant parameters, surement and investigation tool for analogue and digital as well as generation of statistics and graphics, are performed broadcasting – Kathrein Signal Analyser KSA – is a power- by the Kathrein Signal Analyser software. Advanced digital signal ful and complete system to assist through any phase of processing algorithms allow robust and precise measurements, radio network planning, realisation and maintenance, as both in stationary and mobile environments. well as in the quality assurance. Radio frequency (RF) and quality of service (QoS) measurements can be done qui- Optimized for mobile use ckly and seamlessly for various broadcast technologies. The concept of software-defined radio provides maximum flexi- bility and allows measurement of multiple technologies with one Advanced digital signal processing algorithms hardware setup. Together with the flexible post-processing soft- Kathrein Signal Analyser strictly follows the concept of ware, user-friendly interface, and navigation functions implemen- SDR (Software Defined Radio). The input with high quality ted, Kathrein Signal Analyser is optimally suited for drive tests. Functionality 1 2 KSA 3 1 Analogue or digital broadcast signal 4 2 Measurement antenna 3 Measurement receiver ▪RF Level and QoS ▪Channel impulse response 4 Kathrein Signal Analyser ▪Spectrum ▪Waterfall diagram KSA ▪Constellation ▪and many more System Setup and Hardware capture supplemental data are supported. Many other ana- The Kathrein Signal Analyser system setup requires a lysis features are included. basic software module, the KSA Basic Module: Order No.: 7620100008/09 The following modules for broadcast technologies can be implemented: Kathrein Signal Analyser is hardware independent. ▪FM ▪DAB/DAB+ ▪DVB-T (planned) The following RF frontend receivers are supported: ▪DVB-T2 ▪LTE FeMBMS ▪ATSC 3.0 ▪Precision Wave BR-VBI ▪Narda Signal Shark with option Vita 49 Export and Review function ▪Rohde&Schwarz TSMW with option K1 Various export and review functions are available for the diffe- ▪IZT R3000 rent software modules, to visualize the measurement with all parameters individually, and to investigate parameters in detail Measure after the measurement. The measurement system stores and decodes measured data of mobile, as well as stationary and long-term Software Support Service measurements. Powerful channel-scans give a fast over- Kathrein offers support contracts which may include software view over the band. Radiation pattern and height profile maintenance and updates, as well as operational support. One can be recorded. GPS and other external sensors to year of support is included when purchasing.